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Neighbourhood Plan

Boughton Monchelsea Neighbourhood Plan

Important Update August 2020

We are pleased to inform you that consultation on the Boughton Monchelsea Neighbourhood Plan will take place between Friday 14th August and 5pm on Monday 28th September.

This is your final opportunity to make representations on the Neighbourhood Plan we submitted to Maidstone Borough Council in March 2020, and we encourage you to make use of it. Representations will be considered alongside the Neighbourhood Development Plan by an independent Examiner.  Please see details of how to make representations below.

The consultation is being carried out by Maidstone Borough Council under national regulations. The option to view material at inspection points is temporarily unavailable due to Covid 19 restrictions, but Maidstone Borough Council will endeavour to provide paper copies of the consultation material when essentially required. Please contact them by email to

[email protected]

if required.

Copies of the Boughton Monchelsea Neighbourhood Development Plan and the 20 supporting documents are available to view and download at: https://localplan.maidstone.gov.uk/home/neighbourhood-planning

as well as on this website below.

How to Respond

Maidstone Borough Council have produced a Guidance Note outlining what your representation must include, Representations require a name and postal address to be valid. You can see the Guidance Note below.

Representations must be made in writing (including electronic) to one of the following addresses:

  • By email to [email protected]
  • Or by post to Strategic Planning, Maidstone Borough Council, Maidstone House, King Street, Maidstone, ME15 6JQ

You may include a request to be notified of the Borough Council’s decision following a referendum and/or when the Neighbourhood Plan is made.

Maidstone Borough Council state that all representations will be publicly available. All personal data will be processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulation. Your information will only be processed for the analysis of consultation responses. 

Maidstone Borough Council is committed to maintaining the privacy, security, trust and confidence of all our partners, clients and customers when you use our services. To find out more, please make sure you read their privacy notice here: http://www.maidstone.gov.uk/home/privacy-and-cookies

You can see all the documents which the Parish Council submitted below, and here is a brief explanation of each. 

Neighbourhood Plan draft March 2020  – this sets out planning policies which, if we are successful in the independent Examination and subsequent referendum, will be used by MBC to help make planning decisions in the parish.

Consultation Statement  and Appendices 2019 – this describes all the community consultation the Parish Council have carried out on the Plan as it was drafted, and how your comments have shaped its contents.   

Basic Conditions Statement  2020 -  a Neighbourhood Plan  has to meet various legal requirements, known as the “Basic Conditions”.  This document explains how the Plan complies.  It also lists all the publicly available sources of information used to help develop the Plan.  

Environmental Statement 2019 – this is another legal requirement, and it explains why key national bodies consider that the Plan does not require a Strategic Environmental Assessment or a Habitats Regulation Assessment.

We have also submitted key pieces of information and reports which were compiled specifically for Boughton Monchelsea to help us develop the Plan:

Colvin and Moggridge, Boughton Monchelsea Landscape Management and Masterplan 2018 – this report was prepared by landscape architects to help the Parish Council understand, maintain and improve the landscape of the parish in partnership with landowners.  

Colvin and Moggridge, Boughton Monchelsea Priority Local Landscape 2019 – this report by landscape architects identifies an area of high quality landscape which is proposed for protection in the Neighbourhood Plan

Boughton Monchelsea Housing Needs Survey 2018, Action for Rural Communities Kent – this report supports the Plan’s policies on housing

A folder of additional parish-specific Evidence on Flood Risk, MBC Housing Register and Housing Density – these are shorter documents which support the Plan’s policies on locally important topics   

What Happens Next?

An independent Examiner will be appointed who will review the documents and all the comments made during the consultation, and issue a final report.

Any final changes to the plan will then be made and MBC will organise a local referendum in the parish. National regulations resulting from COVID-19 mean that this will not be before May 2021. A simple majority in favour would mean that the plan is adopted and becomes part of the development plan used by MBC to make planning decisions.

We are working towards formal adoption of the plan in 2021 and will continue to keep you updated on progress.

On behalf of the Parish Council I would like to thank you for your input to date and hope we can rely on your continued support in getting our Neighbourhood Plan adopted, thus allowing us to properly influence and manage any future development in our parish.

Cllr Doug Smith

Chairman of Boughton Monchelsea Parish Council Planning Committee

Boughton Monchelsea Parish Council Neighbourhood Plan