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Litter picks

The next parish wide litter pick had been due to take place on Saturday 6th June but was cancelled due to COVID-19. 

Cllr Caroline Jessel heads up the Boughton Monchelsea Litter Quitter group and composed the following article which appeared in our April / May newsletter. If you are able to help with litter picking while you are out walking it would be very much appreciated.

Litter in Lockdown

Along with clearer skies, louder birdsong and less traffic we can celebrate some small things about lockdown; there does appear to be less litter on the roads, particularly of the fast food variety. Unfortunately many more disposable gloves and paper tissues are being chucked onto the verge which is not at all helpful in terms of controlling the spread of Covid 19.  The Boughton Monchelsea litter quitters are still hard at work making the village a nicer place to live for everyone. Before you wonder, they wear gloves and follow all the distancing rules. The bad news though is that while there is less litter on the roads there seems to be much more in the countryside, presumably due to more people taking off road walks – a very good thing for health and wellbeing- but sadly this litter is more likely to remain there for ever unless we take action. Can we appeal to all those walkers to take a small bag with them and some gloves so you can help with this never ending task. Please also ask friends and neighbours to be considerate when they eat or drink outside and take their litter home. Dog owners in particular are beseeched to dispose of their dog mess responsibly, little parcels of dog mess hanging on trees in plastic bags do NOT enhance anyone’s life!

Boughton Monchelsea Parish Council and Maidstone Borough Council are jointly funding a series of eye-catching signs to be strategically placed around the parish, targeted at drivers who chuck waste from their cars. We are hoping this will help create a general attitudinal change towards litter, making people more conscious of their actions and their role in looking after the world, leading to a better future for all.  

Well done and thanks to all of you who helped with the litter pick on Saturday 5th October. Over 80 bags of rubbish were collected, making a fantastic difference to our parish. 

We continue to work closely with the Litter Quitters and litter picks will form just one component of a co-ordinated initiative to reduce unsociable behaviour in the parish throughout the rest of 2019 and 2020..

If you would like to volunteer on a more regular basis, 'Boughton Monchelsea Litter Quitters' would love to hear from you. The group is led by Caroline Jessel with support from the Parish Council. If you would like to join, please complete and return the below data consent form to the Parish Clerk and we will be in touch with more information and all the equipment you will need to help us keep Boughton Monchelsea clean and tidy.

Thanks very much for your continued support.

Cllrs Caroline Jessel, Rob Edmans and Helen Stevens