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Salts Wood

Our Salts Wood BMAT land off Hubbards Lane will be transformed from arable farm land to our very own wood for all to use and is currently progressing through the various stages of approval.  As you can appreciate, in these difficult times, this approval process is taking much longer than normal but the Parish Council is still aiming and hoping to plant the wood in this 2020/2021 season if all goes well.  The Woodland Trust have promised that Phase 1 of the process is imminent and we can then push forward with Phase 2.

In parallel with the formal approval process, the Parish Council has approached 11 recognised companies that can supply, plant, protect and maintain a variety of 23,000 native tree saplings.  These companies, mainly recommended by the Woodland Trust, are based from Somerset to Warwickshire, with a few local companies included.  Disappointingly, only two of the 11 are able to supply what we require therefore we are working with them to keep the hope of planting this season alive.  It has been difficult for all horticultural companies at the moment because although the saplings have all been planted, the ongoing maintenance required before they can be transplanted to our wood has not been possible due to COVID-19.

As you can tell, we are doing all we can in the Parish Council to plant our wood this year.

Cllr Andy Humphryes


The following flyer was sent to neighbouring residents, July 2020 :

Boughton Monchelsea Parish Council Salts Wood
Boughton Monchelsea Parish Council Salts Wood

Green area is woodland which will be a variety of all native English deciduous trees.

Yellow area is open ground / grassland to ensure that when the trees grow  there will still be ample light

Black lines are proposed footways / cycleways

The straight white strip is existing woodland. This will be retained and will merge with the new over time.

Existing hedges and trees at the edges of the field will remain

Numbers denote sizes of each of the pieces of land in hectares

Further detail will be provided as the project moves forward.