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Heath Road

As a Parish Council, we share residents' concerns regarding the speed of traffic on Heath Road and this has been on our agenda for many years. Following the serious accident at the (then) zebra crossing in July 2018 we successfully lobbied for a speed limit reduction from 40 to 30mph. This was implemented in early 2021. In addition, as a condition of the adjacent housing developer's planning permission, a signal controlled puffin crossing was also installed. 

Prior to the speed limit reduction being finalised and implemented we carried out an informal consultation and, following residents' comments, the planned 30mph limit was extended to the village gateway to the east of Brishing Lane.

We are concerned that some motorists continue to drive much faster than the new 30mph limit. We understand that the Police have been carrying out some enforcement in the area and we have asked KCC to consider any additional measures that could perhaps be introduced. The Parish Council has also been working with KCC in an effort to find suitable sites for mobile Speed Indicator Devices (SIDs) which provide a visual reminder to drivers of their speed. If suitable sites can be found we hope to install the equipment in 2022.