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Bus service


The new 59 Feeder Bus trial began on 17th February 2020. The bus now terminates at the Morrisons superstore on Sutton Road rather than continuing to Maidstone town centre. Arriva services 12 and 82 provide regular connections to the town centre and service 12 also enables passengers to travel to Tenterden and Headcorn. The 59 service no longer operates via Linton crossroads or Loose Road, with the exception of school journeys which are not affected.

There are now 6 buses per day (including the 89 'school' bus). Times are as follows. Further information is available in the below leaflet and the following is a link to a news story which gives more information about the new service.

To Morrisons : 

Monday to Friday

Boughton Monchelsea Cock Inn 07.17 (89 school day bus), 07.37 (non school days), 09.51, 11.30, 13.09, 14.48, 17.36

Boughton Monchelsea The Albion 07.20 (89 school day bus), 07.39 (non school days), 09.53, 11.32, 13.11, 14.50, 17.38


Boughton Monchelsea Cock Inn 07.46, 09.56, 11.41, 13.36, 15.21, 17.06

Boughton Monchelsea The Albion 07.48, 09.58, 11.43, 13.38, 15.23, 17.08

From Morrisons : 

Monday to Friday

Sutton Road 10.14, 11.53, 13.32, 16.17 (non school days), 17.50


Sutton Road 08.10, 10.20, 12.15, 14.00, 15.45, 18.20

From Maidstone town centre : 

Monday to Friday

Maidstone Chequers  16.12



KCC have launched a Bus Feedback Portal. This includes information about how to make a formal complaint or compliment about bus services and who to contact in the event that bus users experience problems. It also includes a feedback form for residents to let them know about their experiences of using buses and the quality of service provided.

KCC have advised that they will use the feedback they get to create a greater understanding of what types of problems bus users experience and to spot trends about the areas or on which services they arise.  They will use this information to inform the conversations that they have with bus operators through their Quality Bus Partnerships or more generally and help improve things for bus users.

KCC is encouraging people to use the form to let them know about their experience of using buses and the quality of service provided. A link to the portal if provided below.


Boughton Monchelsea Parish Council Bus service