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Road safety

Road safety - Heath Road

As a Parish Council, we share residents' concerns regarding the speed of traffic on Heath Road and this has been on our agenda for many years. As a condition of the adjacent housing developer's planning permission, a signal controlled puffin crossing was installed some time ago.   

We met with Kent Highways in July 2018 when Cllr Munford urged Kent County Councillor Eric Hotson and his officers to reduce the current speed limit on Heath Road from 40 to 30mph. We met with Cllr Hotson several times since then and he remained supportive and agreed to part fund further traffic speed surveys. 

We met with KCC again in November 2019 where they agreed to look to reduce the speed limit from 40 to 30mph, throughout the main built up area of Boughton Monchelsea, from Gandy’s Lane to just west of Loddington Lane. 

Some traffic calming measures along Heath Road will be required, to ensure that the 30mph is complied with and these may include verge gateway features, ‘dragons teeth’ road markings, coloured surfacing, roundels, rumble strips and visual narrowing of the road using hatching and road markings.

We carried out an informal consultation on the above during late 2019 and early 2020 and following residents' comments and a further meeting with KCC, the planned 30mph limit will now be extended to the village gateway to the east of Brishing Lane.

The Traffic Regulation Order is agreed, design work is complete and KCC advise that they will start installing the signs and road markings during January 2021. 

This scheme has been funded by the Parish Council in conjunction with a £3000 grant from Councillor Hotson


We now have an approved Speedwatch site on Heath Road, next to the primary school. New Speedwatch volunteers are always required - if you would like to help with this please register as follows :

Go to website Page 1

Choose the option Register  - read  Page 2

Choose option Join Existing Group - Select Kent from Dropdown box - then select Continue - Page 3

Select YA Maidstone from Dropdown box - then select Continue - Page 4

Select Boughton Monchelsea from Dropdown box - then select Continue - Page 5

Read Terms and conditions - Complete box confirming you have read Ts&Cs select Register Me - Page 6

The Speedwatch centre will then send an email to verify your email address  along with other instructions.

'Twenty's Plenty' 20mph zones

Since carrying out speed surveys in 2018, we have been progressing the implementation of a 20mph zone in the heart of the village and The Quarries. We also considered introducing a 20mph zone on the Joywood development however the mean speeds here were very low and the estate already benefits from traffic calming in the form of speed tables so a signed 20mph zone was not deemed necessary.

To facilitate the 20mph zone there will be a reduction to 30mph at the west end of Haste Hill Road and a reduction to 40mph on Bottlescrew Hill and part of Beresfords Hill - see plan below for details. 

A Traffic Regulation Order is agreed, design work is complete and KCC advise that the new 20mph zones will be in place by the end of March 2021. Signs and road markings are due to be installed during January 2021. This scheme has been fully funded by the Parish Council.

Cllr Rob Edmans gave a presentation on 'Twenty's Plenty' at our Parish Meeting in May 2018 and you can view this here :

Boughton Monchelsea Parish Council 'Twenty's Plenty' 20mph zones