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Sssshhhh .......Salts Wood has been bugged!

By Parish Clerk Boughton Monchelsea Parish Council

Tuesday, 22 February 2022


Boughton Monchelsea Parish Council Contributor


No, not that sort of bugged! You may notice when you next visit Salts Wood the addition of a couple of 5-star hotels, not for us, but for the creepy crawlies. Boughton Monchelsea Scout Group have constructed these two fabulous bug hotels to encourage all sorts of insects and the Scouts will be monitoring their success over the next few months. So, when you pass, please whisper so as not to disturb them! The Scouts will also be constructing several bat and owl boxes to be installed in the trees, so again keep a look out and please let us know if you see any during your visits.

On a more serious note, we have had several complaints regarding dogs jumping up at both children and adults alike and I don’t need to say this could have devastating effects. We don’t want to stop dogs and don’t intend to, but please be mindful that not all visitors are happy around dogs and if you cannot control yours, please keep it on a lead.

As mentioned in an earlier note, we plan to plant another two to three thousand trees in the northern section of the wood and replace any tree saplings that have not taken, this will be done in the next month or so.

A final word to say how happy I am that ALMOST everyone is using the dog waste bins. These are for normal litter as well and will be emptied on a regular basis.

Cllr Andy Humphryes

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