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Greensand Health Centre

By Parish Clerk Boughton Monchelsea Parish Council

Friday, 18 September 2020


Boughton Monchelsea Parish Council Contributor


Press release from Greensand Health Centre below. Work is now underway on the new build site.
Preparations are under way to move Greensand Health Centre services located at Stockett Lane to the surgery at 146 Heath Road, Coxheath
We are pleased to announce that our new medical centre has recently been approved by NHS Kent and Medway so work will now commence to develop the detailed programme for the build. We hope that this will be open by the end of 2021 and we will share regular updates with our patients throughout the build period.
For the interim period leading up to the new building being available it hasn’t been possible to agree terms with our landlord to remain at Stockett Lane so we have developed plans to deliver all services from our surgery at 146 Heath Road, from the beginning of October 2020.
We are making some building alterations at 146 Heath Road, to create extra capacity so we can increase the number of clinics we hold in a day while also maintaining an increased level of telephone and video consultations. Practice staff who are not seeing patients face to face will also work remotely for some of their time to reduce pressure on building space.
Dr Franklin stated “We would like to reassure our patients that there will be no reduction in services as a result of these changes and we will continue to deliver the same number of face-to-face appointments.
“We will keep our capacity under regular review and will have the ability to increase the number of clinics for specific services as required by changing the number of clinics we hold in a day by starting earlier.”
“We also know that locating all services at Heath Road will put increased pressure on car parking at the site, so we will be continuing to offer 15-minute staggered appointments to minimise delayed waiting times. We will be encouraging patients to help by parking away from the site (where they are able to) or by being dropped off for their appointment. As currently, we will be asking patients to wait in their cars or outside the building until just before their appointment time to keep everybody safer.”
“Staff are being asked to car share and park off site. We are also introducing a cycle-to-work scheme, and organising increased home working, where roles allow. All these measures will reduce pressure on car parking spaces.”
Dr Franklin continued: “We would like to thank both our patients and staff for their understanding of the need to take these necessary interim steps as we make plans to move to our new building.”
“Our main aim and priority is to make sure that we have sufficient clinic capacity and patient experience in accessing our services does not change.
“If any of our patients feel that their experience of our services is affected or they experience difficulties in visiting the surgery, please do let us know.”
The current Covid-19 social distancing arrangements that need to be in place for everyone’s safety, mean that we are unable to engage with our patients through holding face-to-face meetings to discuss this as we would wish.
However, we will work with our patients to ensure that there is an opportunity for views to be shared, for questions and answers and will provide regular updates via our established communication channels, including Facebook, website, newsletters, texting and repeat prescriptions.
In the meantime please contact email [email protected] if you have any questions.

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