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Boughton Monchelsea Parish Council

Lyewood Farm site

Information from Crest Nicholson 

For information on the local needs affordable housing at Lyewood Farm please click on the 'Parish Info' / 'Local needs housing' tabs at the top of this page.                                                                                   

The Parish Council met with Crest Nicholson in February 2019 and the following is a summary of our discussions :

  1. Crest provided the Parish Council with an indicative build programme and phasing plan and anticipate that the site will be completed in September 2021
  2. The footpath works to Green Lane are being discussed with Kent Highways. It is likely that the works will take a few weeks to complete and will be carried out during a school holiday period to minimise disruption. Crest will continue to liaise with the Parish Council on this when a final programme and start date is known
  3. In accordance with the planning permission, permitted working hours are between 7am and 7pm Monday to Friday and 7am to 1pm on Saturdays
  4. The intention is to start works on the western side of the site first, building from south to north and then completing the eastern side of the site
  5. The temporary construction compound is located to the north east of the site with a separate construction access that connects from the main Lyewood Farm access. This will be returned to farmland on completion
  6. Crest will erect temporary ‘no Lyewood construction traffic’ signage on Church Street, Gandys Lane and Green Lane, to inform construction vehicles of the routes to and from site. A construction method statement will be provided to all site personnel. Vehicles will access the site from Heath Road, Cock Inn junction
  7. Crest have requested site deliveries take place outside peak hours so between 9.30am and 3pm. They will do their best to ensure this is followed. Site vehicles will be able to exit Green Lane, enter Lyewood Farm and use the construction access to prevent a backlog on Green Lane. A banksman will be used to marshal vehicles
  8.  There will not be any piled foundations so noise will be kept to a minimum. Site hoarding will be erected to minimise noise. The Site Manager will liaise with immediate neighbours to advise them of construction details
  9. Portable lighting will be used by the workforce and the site compound will be lit. Again, due to the site location and hoardings there will not be any disruption from light pollution on existing properties
  10. Crest will wheel wash on site and use a road sweeper to clean roads surrounding the development
  11. Sales signage will be erected along Green Lane and once the show home is open further signage will be erected, directing sales visitors to the site
  12. The site will be secured with Heras fencing, hoarding and lockable fencing to prevent unauthorised access
  13. With regard to local needs affordable housing a Housing Association has not yet been appointed for the scheme but once this is confirmed Crest will provide details to those interested in Shared Ownership properties. Anybody interested in Shared Equity properties will need to contact Crest directly. For people wanting rented accommodation they will have to register with Maidstone Borough Council who will provide further information  
  14. As part of Crest’s discussion with Kent Highways regarding footpath works, they will discuss a possible extension of the 20mph zone along Green Lane to tie into the Parish Council’s Traffic Regulation Order application